The Accor Care Project

An innovative hotel solution for hospitals

The Accor Care Project aims to accommodate hospital patients in our hotels that do not require overnight medical care. Our hotels, which are near to healthcare establishments, may then provide comfort and safety to patients throughout their stay in hospital.
This initiative is part of a national study of healthcare pathway reform currently being carried out by the French government.

Our promise

More than fifty years of experience in hospitality

We wish to apply our hospitality expertise to serving each patient, by providing them with a new experience in line with care pathway development in hospitals.

Our commitment
The hotels are close by, within walking distance, and are easily accessible.
A team trained in patient intake will be available twenty-four hours a day at the reception desk.
A comfortable single room will be reserved for the patient and their guest.
A restaurant that can cater for the patient's dietary restrictions (no salt, no solids, etc.).
All hotel services (TV, Wi-Fi, etc.) will be available to the patient and their guest.

The patient's journey

A major development

A government-led trial will allow us to offer a number of patients “temporary non-medicalised accommodation”. Overnight stays at a hotel will be fully incorporated into the care pathway and at no cost to the patient.

The patient is referred by the hospital to the nearest hotel, his booking is made.
His room is ready, he is expected and welcomed directly to the hotel reception.
His stay is taken care of, he enjoys the hotel's services in complete serenity.
He easily goes to the hospital to receive his treatment.

Which patients are eligible ?

A solution framed within the healthcare pathway

For patients to be eligible for the temporary non-medicalised accommodation trial, they must meet very specific criteria that are governed by Decree No. 2016-1703 of 12 December 2016.
Overnight stays at the hotel are non-medicalised and the healthcare establishment does not provide any healthcare.

Pre-operative patient
Post-operative patient
Long-term treatment follow-up