The context of the Accor Care Project

A real medical and economic challenge

In France, reviews of the economic model for   healthcare have been ongoing for several years, with a real need to reform   care pathways at the territorial level.
In 2015, the law on the financing of the French social security system   opened up the possibility of healthcare establishments offering a   non-medicalised service to their patients.
The French National Authority for Health (HAS) then defined patients’ eligibility criteria for this type of service: they must be autonomous, be non-contagious, have no open wounds or infusion tubes; and for some Regional   Health Agencies, there is a distance criterion. The HAS also recommends   limiting the assessment to voluntary patients, within the context of this trial.
In February 2017, the French government launched a national trial to assess   temporary non-medicalised accommodation within the context of the care pathway, thanks in particular to technological medical progress and the development of ambulatory care.
Five months later, forty-one healthcare establishments [link] were selected to participate in the trial. The Regional Intervention Fund granted them financial assistance to help launch a trial in their hospital, with the   partner of their choice (hotel or other). Within this context, nearby   hotels solicited several Group hotels via calls to tender to accommodate eligible patients.

Accor, Europe's leading hotel provider

With an existing network of 1,600 hotels in France, including 55% budget hotels, Accor is committed to improving patient comfort on a daily basis and supporting the medical world as it develops care pathways.
The Accor Care Project fits perfectly with the group’s historical human values and vision of augmented hospitality.
Partnerships for accommodating patients and families have existed between hospitals and nearby Accor hotels for several years, and long before the trial.
The regulatory framework that the government provides gives a fresh impetus to these partnerships and allows us to develop patient accommodation in collaboration with health institutions and establishments.
In Europe, forty Accor hotels are now partners with healthcare establishments, including twenty-five in France.

of patients in residential care do not require night assistance
of surgeries without an overnight hospital stay is the goal the government has set for 2022 (1)
of patients are satisfied with their temporary non-medicalised accommodation (HTNM) experience of the trial

(1) Article Le Monde 10 Mai 2017. Objective set by Agnès Buzyn - Minister of Health